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Published: 1/16/2020

Solvay Bring Online New HALS Additives Capacity
Increased capacity of Solvay’s HALS products satisfies increased demand for UV stabilizers.

Published: 1/9/2020

New Supplier of Color, Additives and Purging Compounds Offers Broad Portfolio
Britec Solutions’ range of products are based on innovative technologies in liquid color, purging compounds and additives for thermoplastics.

Published: 12/20/2019

PP Nucleating Agent Gets Certification from UL for its Energy Savings
Milliken’s Hyperform HPN nucleating agent enables an average of 5-8% energy savings.

Published: 12/20/2019

PolyOne to Acquire Clariant Color & Additive Masterbatch Business
Early synergies and innovation opportunities are seen by PolyOne in the forthcoming acquisition of Clariant Masterbatches. 

Published: 12/9/2019

Milliken's PP Clarifier Receives Critical Guidance Recognition from the Association of Plastics Recyclers
Millad NX 8000 clarifying agent validated as compativle with plastic packaging recycling. 

Published: 11/11/2019

UL Certifies Energy Savings in Molding Nucleated PP
Milliken’s nucleators in PP save an average of 5-8% in processing energy for injection molding.

Published: 9/11/2019

Nexam Extends its Cooperation with Composites Manufacturer Diab
Nexam’s project with Diab has laid the foundation for new high-performance PET foam products using Nexam’s Nexamite technology.

Published: 9/10/2019

Additives: Novel Process Aid for rPET and PET Preforms
PolyOne’s ColorMatrix SmartHeat RHC Reheat boosts thermal stability and color stability of rPET.

Published: 8/27/2019

Milliken Boosts Investment in Asia
State-of-the-art specialty chemical plant and knowledge center in Singapore set to open in Q1 2021.

Published: 8/21/2019

Clariant's Exolit OP Maintains Flame-Retardant Rating After Recycling
Fraunhofer LBF Institute verifies Exolit OP’s performance in recycled glass-filled nylons 6 and 66.