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Published: 9/6/2019

Generally Flat Pricing Projected for Volume Resins Heading into 4th Quarter
PET and nylons 6 and 66 could see further downward pricing

Published: 8/30/2019

SPE Automotive Div. Announces 2019 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Michael J.Whitens, retired former global director for vehicle & enterprise sciences at Ford’s Research & Innovation Center to be honored at SPE Automotive Innovation Awards Gala.

Published: 8/29/2019

Next-Generation Technologies Benefit Demand for LCPs
‘5G’ and ‘3D printing’ are key drivers in growing demand for LCPs according to FactMR study.

Published: 8/21/2019

Fitting the Mold: Why Plastics Professionals Should Join Their Competitors and Take Advantage of the R&D Tax Credit
If your company is helping to develop or improve products and/or processes through technical know-how, then it likely qualifies for the incentive.

Published: 8/14/2019

Benefit Yourself—And the Industry—By Completing the Capital Spending Survey
If you received the Plastics Technology Capital Spending Survey and are in the U.S., take 5 minutes to complete it and you’ll receive $15 and the industry will get an important barometer of its health and investment.

Published: 8/13/2019

PE & PP Prices Down
A buyer’s market for both polyolefins could continue though this quarter and into the fourth. 

Published: 8/1/2019

Prices of Polyolefins, PET Softer; PS, PVC Up for Short Term
Overall, supply outstripping demand likely to keep price trajectory flat-to-down.

Published: 7/24/2019

Manufacturing Looks To a New Generation for Employees
Could Generation Z help bridge the yawning workforce gap in manufacturing?

Published: 7/3/2019

Downward Pricing for Polyolefins, PET; Flat-to-Up for PS, PVC
Overall, slowed global demand and improved supply/demand balance scenarios are likely to keep prices of the five volume resins relatively stable.  

Published: 6/5/2019

VIDEO: Chinaplas 2019 Draws Record Crowds
Chinaplas 2019 (May 21-24) drew a new record crowd of 163,314 to Guangzhou, filling halls that were already packed with technology full with attendees.