Engineering Resins

Materials: Cold-Temperature Impact PC Copolymer

Star Plastics’ new addition to its StarPrime line is a PC copolymer which boasts improved impact at extreme temperatures.


Testing: Vertical Spectrophotometer for Hard-to-Measure Materials and Shapes

Datacolor’s SpectraVision V vertical model measures and digitally communicates the color of “unmeasurables” for expanded applications. 


PolyOne to Boost Production of Recycled Nylon and Biobased TPEs in Europe

Capacity of both PolyOne’s Nymax post-industrial recycled nylons and ReSound OM biobased TPEs will be increased in Europe.


Prices of Volume Resins Bottom Out

Increased exports, higher prices for feedstocks, and a slow ramp-up of production of industrial and durable goods are projected to stabilize resin prices and put upward pressure on PE and possibly PVC.
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PolyOne Expands Production of OnFlex TPEs to North America

PolyOnes OnFlex LO and AF TPE grades are useful for a broad range of automotive applications.

Mold Maintenance

How to Properly Maintain Aluminum Injection Molds

Aluminum and steel tools have some important differences, but also one key similarity: Routine maintenance will extend the mold’s life and boost the quality of its output.


Moving Toward Third Quarter, Prices of All Volume Commodity Resins Appear to Have Bottomed Out

The resurgence in exports along with higher feedstock prices place upward pressure on PE and possibly PVC.
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Early Signs of an Upturn from the Great Economic Disruption?

Estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the U.S. employment rate fell to 13.3% in May following the 14.7% rate in April. 29,800 jobs were recouped in plastics and rubber products manufacturing in May, after 900 and 73,900 job losses in March and April, respectively.

Commodity Resins

Commodity Resin Prices Plunge in Second Quarter

Weak demand for industrial and durable goods, along with globally lower feedstock prices outweigh strong demand for packaging, medical products. 
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Polymax TPE Expands R&D Capabilities

A Coperion ZSK Mc twin-screw compounding extruder highlights Polymax TPE’s new lab line expansion.