For Honeywell’s Aclar Edge Bottles, “The Pie Is Much Bigger Than We Thought”

High-moisture-barrier Aclar Edge bottles for liquid drugs are nearing commercialization, and much broader market opportunities are emerging.


New Bottle Lightweighting Technology Saves Resin and Cost

Graham Packaging has developed a method of selectively reinforcing a bottle wall perpendicular to conventional parison programming.

Blow Molding

Flexible Case Packer with Collaborative Automation

New Proco case packer incorporates a cobot arm and flexible packing programs with quick changeover.


Shrink Packers Now Can Use 100% Recycled Shrink Film

KHS shrink packers for bottles now can handle shrink film with up to 100% recycle.

Recycled Materials

Fresh Milk in Clear PET with 20% PCR

Use of clear PET bottles for fresh milk is a growing trend, and Amcor offers up to 100% PCR content, as well as a UV barrier additive that doesn’t affect clarity.


Global Bottle Maker Commits to Major Boost in Recycling

ALPLA Group multiplies its recycling investment by a factor of five.

Blow Molding

Novel Solution for Noncontact Thickness Measurement of PE, PP Containers

Agr’s Gawis 4D optical thickness profiler now can measure highly colored and low-light-transmission PE and PP bottles, as well as clear PET.

Blow Molding

Screen Changers for Extrusion Blow Molders

W. Muller is offering its own line of screen changers for vertical or horizontal blow molding extruders, suitable for retrofit.


Glycon Announces Changes to Management Team

Expanded roles for Jon Kuhman, John Phelan.

Blow Molding

Plastiblow Re-Enters U.S. Market With Advanced All-Electric Machines

A major Italian machinery brand, already well established in Latin America, is back in North America with service and spare parts support and a number of distinctive features on its all-electric blow molders.