Blow Molding

Auxiliary Equipment: Insulation Blanket Beats the Heat, Improves Safety

Blankets are also said by processor that uses them to be easy to use and remove.


What ‘Cobots’ Can Do for Blow Molders

Low-cost and easy-to-program collaborative robots are a new solution to bottle handling, trimming and packing automation.

Barrier Blow Molding

Injection Molding Gains an Edge in Motorcycle Gas Tanks

Complex shapes required for the latest motorcycle gas tanks favor injection over blow molding. Lanxess and BMW have a monolayer nylon solution.

Barrier Blow Molding

320 L Hydrogen Tank Liner Blow Molded in Nylon

Large liners for hydrogen composite pressure vessels are a challenge to blow mold. Kautex found a material and a technique to achieve a world “first.” 

Injection Molding

Plastics Industry Enlists to Fight Coronavirus

All types of processors and machinery and materials suppliers and service providers are refocusing resources to combat COVID-19.

Injection Molding

Expanding Production Bumps Index Above 50

Index expands for first time since June 2019. 

Stretch Blow Molding

How One Machine Builder Helps Fight the Coronavirus

Sidel converted its main stretch-blow molding development center to a production of PET hand-sanitizer bottles.

Blow Molding

Time to Learn More About the Real World of Recycling

Next month, Plastics Technology will cover the challenges of recycling with a targeted print and electronic supplement—and a focused webinar—highlighting best practices in processing with high levels of PCR.

Blow Molding

Coping with Coronavirus: Keeping the Doors Open

Where state or local governments are permitting, some molders are continuing to serve their customers.

Additive Manufacturing

SPE Schedules First-Ever 'Virtual' ANTEC

Attendees can listen to keynotes and presentations live. Many presentations will also be recorded.
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