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Published: 12/7/2018

Here’s a Cost-Saving Tip for Measuring Mold Coolant Flow
Monitor mold-coolant flow with an ultrasonic sensor that clamps on the outside of the cooling line.

Published: 10/15/2018

New Industry 4.0 Interfaces Published for Review—More Coming Soon
First drafts of Euromap 82 sub-sections for temperature-control devices, hot runners, and LSR dosing systems.

Published: 8/13/2018

Something for Everyone at Wittmann Battenfeld’s 10th Anniversary Celebration
New injection machines, robots and auxiliaries; plus additional steps toward Industry 4.0 were on display at Wittmann Battenfeld event. 

Published: 6/11/2018

‘Smart Data’: The Rise of the ‘Dashboards’
For North American plastics processors, NPE2018 offered the broadest exposure yet to the bundle of trends and technologies known as Industry 4.0 or the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).

Published: 2/27/2018

Augmented Reality In Reality
As I approached the booth, my worst fears were confirmed. I’d have to put on the virtual reality goggles, wouldn’t I?

Published: 9/28/2017

Confused or Uncertain About Industry 4.0?
One-day conference will explore the eight key technologies associated with what has been called the “fourth industrial revolution”.

Published: 4/19/2017

China Is Fast Becoming a High-Tech Competitor
As its labor-cost advantage erodes, China’s manufacturing sector bolsters its high technology status.

Published: 10/13/2016

‘Predictive Maintenance’ Is Key to Optimum Machine Utilization
I wrote here recently that this month’s K 2016 show in Dusseldorf (where I and the whole staff of Plastics Technology are headed next week) is evidence that the wave of “Industry 4.0” activity is building toward a crest.

Published: 9/27/2016

A Molder’s Plea: Let’s Standardize Controllers
P,R,N,D is a standard for any automatic-transmission vehicle, regardless of who makes it. It isn’t so simple when it comes to injection molding machines. From manufacturer to manufacturer you will see little to no continuity in controller layo...

Published: 9/27/2016

Is It Time For Injection Molding Machines to be Standardized?
If you looked at four machines from four different suppliers, you’ll find four different sets of icons and terminologies, all in different layouts.