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Published: 5/7/2018

New Mold Monitoring System Promises Fast Processing Speeds and High Resolution
The full-color, high-resolution digital image processing technology serves to protect complex, expensive injection molds running sub 2-second cycles.

Published: 3/30/2018

Injection Molding: Injection Process Monitoring/Control Adds Multi-Shot Molding, Quality Prediction
Enhanced version of Kistler’s ComoNeo is shown at NPE2018.

Published: 3/23/2018

New Software Gives Plastics Manufacturers Visibility and Control
Material tracking; a combined production, financial and sales analytics tool; and real-time production monitoring software launches.

Published: 3/20/2018

Router Offers 4G Cellular Technology
The C6 Router from KEB America can now remotely connect using 4G GSM networks.

Published: 2/23/2018

Injection Process Monitoring & Control Adds Multi-Component Molding, Part-Quality Prediction
Kistler’s ComoNeo 2.1.0 monitors up to four components and adds quality prediction.

Published: 2/16/2018

Extrusion: Next-Generation Control System
Modular design will repotedly improve control capabilities and application flexibility while maintaining an attractive price point

Published: 1/22/2018

Extrusion: Next-Generation Line Control System
Can control up to four VSDs and can be upgraded up to a maximum of 32 heating/cooling zones.

Published: 12/27/2017

Injection Molding: News in Sensors, Quality Monitoring, And Quick Mold Change
Priamus debuts simple on-machine quality monitor plus new styles of cavity sensors and a quick connect for cavity sensors in quick mold changes.

Published: 12/27/2017

Injection Molding: MES System Adds Mobile Reporting & Maintenance Apps
Arburg adds features for mobile devices to its ALS host-computer system.

Published: 12/27/2017

Injection Molding: Production Monitoring System Built for Simplicity, Affordability
Smart Attend reportedly installs in 2-4 hr and boosts productivity by 10-20% within two weeks.