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Published: 5/7/2019

Pelletizing: Extrusion Control System Extended to Pelletizing
First unit in place at a rotomolder for recycling scrap.

Published: 4/10/2019

Material Handling: Sensor Measures Material Consumption at Hopper
Unit tracks primary material consumption and gives information on total consumption after each production order.

Published: 4/9/2019

Power Controller Governs Temperature With Precision
Modular multi-loop power controller for resistive loads can adjust to customer requirements, allowing up to 1,512 outlets to be controlled individually.

Published: 4/7/2019

Injection Molding: Simplified Cavity-Pressure Control And Process/Production Monitoring
Cavity Eye provides innovative cavity sensors and data-transmission devices that plug into molds, machines, and auxiliaries.

Published: 3/10/2019

Injection Molding: Adaptive Shot-Size Control Now Available for Thermosets
KraussMaffei control for uniform shot weight now can be used with granulated thermosets, BMC/SMC, and liquid or solid silicones.

Published: 3/6/2019

Material Handling: New Battery-Powered Laser Level Sensor
Allows use of level sensors on silos or in remote locations where inventory monitoring has not been feasible.

Published: 3/6/2019

Controls: High Horsepower Controls For Hazardous Locations
NEMA 12 main power panel, housing high-voltage VFDs and motor protection fusing is installed in a non-classified area and wired to a NEMA 7/9 operator station.

Published: 2/4/2019

Compounding: Extruders Now Come with Industry 4.0 Solutions
New systems allow for increased data collection and analysis.

Published: 1/11/2019

Extrusion: Gravimetric Blending & Line Control
Moretto’s new 7-component blender with extrusion weight control.

Published: 1/10/2019

Material Handling: Plant Supervisory Computer for Conveying, Loading, Drying, Cooling
Moretto’s Mowis 3 is the latest version of its plantwide surpervisory computer for materials handling and process cooling.