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Published: 5/21/2018

Materials Handling: Teflon-Coated Sensor Sheds Sticky or Staticky Materials
Binmaster silo or bin level sensor prevents buildup of sticky or static-sensitive materials.

Published: 3/30/2018

Materials Handling: Plug Single-Tunnel Diverter Valve
New diverter valve from Schenck Process has two-way switching for dilute-phase or dense-phase conveying.

Published: 3/20/2018

New Valve Bids to Increase Wave Conveying Capacity
Conair says it has perfected a new automatic-flush common line valve, potentially increasing the overall capacity of its patented Wave Conveying system.

Published: 2/23/2018

Less Power, Less Space Needed for Next-Generation DeDuster
New patent-pending half‐round cone technology is the foundation for new dedusting product.

Published: 2/23/2018

Revamped DeDuster Debuts at NPE2018
Four years after introducing its C-20 DeDuster to the market, Pelletron will unveil a revamped version at NPE2018.

Published: 2/23/2018

Coupling System Has RFID Option for Error-Free Connections
Coupling system for pneumatic conveying lines is available in either uncoded or coded versions. 

Published: 2/21/2018

Coperion K-Tron Announces U.S. Production of Rotary Valves
The company has begun U.S. production of rotary valves type ZRD at its facility in Salina, Kan.

Published: 2/18/2018

Injection Molding: Wittmann’s U.S. Debut of Two Machines, New Robots & Auxiliaries at NPE
A high-speed packaging machine, two-shot micromolder, and new high-end and economical robots, plus several new auxiliaries bow in at NPE.

Published: 2/16/2018

Materials Handling: IBC Discharger for Low Headroom
Available with an integral flexible screw conveyor, tubular cable conveyor, or pneumatic conveying system.

Published: 2/16/2018

Beccaria Srl Releases New Vertical Mixer Series
The outdoor mixing silos are equipped with technical and structural features that reportedly allow placement outdoor without need of any cover frame.