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Published: 2/18/2018

Injection Molding: Wittmann’s U.S. Debut of Two Machines, New Robots & Auxiliaries at NPE
A high-speed packaging machine, two-shot micromolder, and new high-end and economical robots, plus several new auxiliaries bow in at NPE.

Published: 2/16/2018

Materials Handling: IBC Discharger for Low Headroom
Available with an integral flexible screw conveyor, tubular cable conveyor, or pneumatic conveying system.

Published: 1/23/2018

Materials Handling: Networked Metal Separators Ready for Industry 4.0
Sesotec metal separators incorporate OPC-UA communications protocol.

Published: 1/2/2018

Material Handling: Screw Conveyor Goes Mobile, Adds Trough Hopper
Two new models of flexible screw conveyors are available from Flexicon Corp., Bethlehem, Pa.

Published: 11/28/2017

Auxiliaries: New Auxiliaries for Blending, Loading, Cooling & Granulating
Wittmann Battenfeld showed a variety of new and modified auxiliary equipment at the Fakuma show.

Published: 11/16/2017

Materials Handling: Enclosed Bulk-Bag Discharger
A new Bulk-Out Model BFC bulk-bag discharger from Flexicon Corp.., Bethlehem, Pa., has an enclosure to contain dust escaping through the seams or fabric of unlined bulk bags.

Published: 10/11/2017

Materials Handling: Rotary-Valve Monitor Has More Safety Features
Unit registers, evaluates, and reports unwanted contact between the rotor and housing to prevent metallic abrasion and the potential contamination of conveyed product.

Published: 8/3/2017

Materials Handling: High-Lift Box Dumper Comes With Vibratory Feeder
Unit moves material from boxes into a mobile bin with vibratory feeder that supplies multiple downstream processes.

Published: 7/6/2017

Conveying: Mobile Screen Conveyor For Non-Free-Flowing Materials
Removes oversized particles, reduces agglomerates.

Published: 6/12/2017

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