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Published: 9/9/2019

Decorating: New Way to Apply Touch Sensors to Plastic Parts
New Kurz roll-on technology for large-area sensors improves speed and quality, reduces cost. See it first at K 2019.

Published: 9/9/2019

Decorating, Printing, Finishing: Taking Corona and Plasma Surface Treatment Beyond Industry 4.0
Vetaphone now offers hardware interfaces such as Profinet on its equipment to allow centralized set-up and control.

Published: 7/2/2019

Auxiliary Equipment: 'Smart,' Powerful Ionized Blower
Billed as the most advanced static neutralizing blower for the industrial market.

Published: 4/7/2019

Decorating/Finishing: New Automotive Decorative Laminating Technology Cuts Costs, Boosts Quality
Describing it as a “revolution in vacuum lamination,” Kiefel GmbH in Germany has launched Tailored Blank Lamination (TBL) technology for automotive interior components such as door and instrument panels, consoles, storage compartments, p...

Published: 10/24/2018

Decorating: Continuous Inkjet Printer for Coding Dark Surfaces
Paul Leibinger’s new JET3up PI is designed to handle difficult-to-process inks, greatly reducing cleanup required. 

Published: 3/20/2018

Seven Marking Systems Controlled Simultaneously by Proprietary Software
Display to include three laser inscribing technologies, 1 Drop-on-Demand (DOD), and three thermal ink jet (TIJ) systems.

Published: 2/15/2018

New Water Transfer Printing Films and Training
Pioneer of water transfer printing TWN will show its latest developments and service offerings.

Published: 2/15/2018

Smallest True Open-Air Plasma Surface Treater Launched
Lectro Engineering's new LT 2100VD surface treater is only 38 in. wide and 48 in. long.

Published: 1/23/2018

Blow Molding: New Buffer Integrates Bottle & Cap Molding with Filling Operations
SACMI combines PET bottle blowing, filling, capping, labeling in one machine; coordinates speeds of bottle and cap molding for integrated filling lines; and advances digital cap printing.

Published: 1/2/2018

Decorating/Printing: Versatile Corona Treatment System
Said to improve the surface tension on numerous materials resistant to printing, adhesive, and coating processes.