Control Machinery from Your Smartphone or Tablet

If you believe that new online gizmos and gadgets aren’t suited for manufacturing, think again.

Resin Conveying

News in Auxiliaries & Tooling at Fakuma Show

Late last month, Friedrichshafen, Germany, hosted Fakuma 2011, the largest European plastics show of the year, growing to be second in size and importance to the K show in Dusseldorf.


K 2010 Preview, Auxiliaries: Equipment of All Types Debuts This Month at K 2010

From materials drying, feeding, and blending to process heating/cooling, scrap reclaiming, testing, welding, and decorating—the K 2010 show this month in Dusseldorf, Germany, will have news in all categories of auxiliary equipment.

Injection Know How

Injection Molding: Answers to Bozzelli's Drying Quiz

Three questions about drying plastics that everyone should know how to answer.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: You Must Dry Hygroscopic Resins

The reason you dry certain plastics is to get the moisture out. But why does the moisture have to be taken out before processing?
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PET Processing - Extrusion

Dryers Use Less Energy to Dry PET

Novatec Inc., Baltimore (novatec.com), is introducing two patented dryer control technologies intended to cut energy costs for processors of PET.


NPE News Wrap-up: Resin Dryers

At least 16 companies introduced new dryers at the big show in Chicago. The new models span a range of drying technologies, but most sport features that save space and cost and make the dryers simpler and more reliable.

PET Processing

New Approach to PET Drying To Debut This Fall at K 2010 Show

An Italian maker of auxiliary equipment has come up with a new system that combines several unusual concepts to make high-volume PET drying faster and more consistent with lower energy use.


New Standard & Labeling Proposed for Dryer Energy Ratings

Some sources say energy is the second largest cost in plastics processing after raw materials.