Extrusion Know How

Extrusion: The Importance of Zone 1 Barrel Temperature

Tweaking the temperature settings of the first barrel zones may not yield the desired result. In fact, they may yield the opposite. Here’s why.


Plastics Processing Business Continued Contracting in April

Global economic shutdown causes downturn in new orders and production.

Injection Molding

Coronavirus Doubles Demand for Used Blow Molding Machines

Demand for hand sanitizer, alcohol, cleaning products and beverages is reportedly straining capacity in blow molding.

Film Extrusion

Extrusion: On-Line Sensor Brings Clarity to Transparent Films

New system from NDC offers 100% continuous quality measurement and control.


Extrusion: Enhanced Deckle Boosts Coating Productivity

Simplified mechanisms for Nordson  EPC die streamline the adjustment of coating width while reducing the size of edge bead. 


Extrusion: Start Your Extruder Drive With No Technician, Manual

Smart Up Assistant takes users step-by-step through the start up of the ACPAK AC drive while permitting the supplier to connect to the drive and verify settings.


Extrusion: Power Extruder Clamp Speeds Changeovers

AutoGrip electro-mechanical clamp can be operated from a safe distance by a two-hand pushbutton controller. 

Recycled Materials

Best Practices in Processing with Recycled Material

Inside: What brand owners are planning, and how processors ahead of the curve have already responded.
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Extrusion Know How

What You Should Know About Miniature Extrusion Screws

Very small screws have become more common with the growth of additive manufacturing. Designing such screws requires balancing their output requirements with their torque strength.
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Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Blazing the Trail In Processing PCR for Corrugated Pipe

Just a decade ago, roughly 10% of HDPE corrugated pipes made by Advanced Drainage Systems used recycled material. That number is 65% now, and growing. Here’s how this processor became a pioneer in this field.