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Published: 1/30/2019

Workshop Helps Molders Reimagine Components, Assemblies & Finished Products
How would you change a plastic product’s design if you weren’t constrained by the limits of injection molding?

Published: 1/11/2019

The Automated Molding Shop Is Here; Are You Ready?
Robotic installation records are being smashed the world over, making it likely that your competitors (here and abroad) are automating—are you up on the latest technologies and best practices?

Published: 12/21/2018

Meet the Author, Live the Article at Molding 2019
Attendees of Molding 2019 have the chance to sit in on presentations by some of Plastics Technology’s leading injection molding columnists and then pick their collective brain as a group during a special panel discussion.

Published: 12/10/2018

Querétaro Makes Its Mark on the Global Injection Molding Map
Millions in foreign direct investment, direct flights from the U.S. and a new fully focused molding/mold making event announce the city’s arrival on the global molding scene.

Published: 11/28/2018

Good, Better, Best (Practices): Molding 2019 Agenda Finalized
Approaching its third decade as the go-to gathering for injection molders, Molding 2019 (March 19-21; Indianapolis) will offer attendees best practices on the key elements of the process.

Published: 10/30/2018

Fast or Slow: What’s Better for Injection Molding Fill Times?
If you’re talking zombies or injection molding fill time, there is a debate to be had about fast vs. slow.

Published: 10/23/2018

Milacron Is First to Integrate iMFLUX into Machine Controller
Integrating iMFLUX low-pressure process into machine controls is a more economical route to faster cycles and improved part quality.  

Published: 10/9/2018

Borealis, R&D Startup Collaborate on Low-Cost, High-Performance, Sustainable Single-Use Polyolefin Foam Packaging
Bocatech’s EcoCore molding technology combined with two key Borealis PP grades produces eco-friendly molded products that require less material.

Published: 9/27/2018

The 2019 Molding Conference: Better Than Ever
We are gearing up for our Molding 2019 Conference, next March 19-21 in Indianapolis. This year, we are adapting the conference agenda to make it even more interesting to as broad a range of molders as possible.

Published: 9/7/2018

Electronic Flow Monitoring Gives Medical Molder a Better Handle on Mold Cooling
Monitoring water flow and temperature in individual channels proves a valuable tool for process validation and troubleshooting.