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Published: 8/20/2019

Invasion of the Giant Cleanrooms!
Fed by growing demand for medical molding, cleanrooms keep getting bigger and bigger.

Published: 8/16/2019

Who’s Doing Research to Advance the Plastics Industry?
Machinery suppliers are taking the lead in plastics R&D. Engel offers one example.

Published: 8/9/2019

How to Mold This ‘Impossible’ Part
New low-pressure injection molding process “breaks the rules” and solves difficult molding problems.

Published: 7/30/2019

Additive Manufacturing Conference: Learn What's New in Additive
The Additive Manufacturing Conference + Expo (AMC) 2019 (August 27-29; Austin, TX) features several key presentations dedicated to the plastics industry along with a tour of EOS North America’s polymer AM lab. 

Published: 7/16/2019

‘Circular Economy’ Will Be Unifying Theme at K 2019 Show
Even injection machine suppliers like Engel will talk about ways their technology can support recycling.

Published: 7/12/2019

A Clearer View of Kortec's Co-injection Technology
Two decades after it was created and five years since it joined up with Milacron and its Mold-Masters brand, Kortec’s co-injection technology can yet provoke misunderstanding among processors.

Published: 6/26/2019

Video: Engel Previews Its Plans for K
In a pre-K press event held at its global headquarters in Schwertberg, Austria, injection molding machine and automation supplier Engel gave the plastics trade press a preview of the technology it will display in Düsseldorf.

Published: 6/21/2019

How Do They Put Together Those Massive Trade Show Booths?
Watch a time-lapse video of Husky building its K 2016 booth.

Published: 5/22/2019

Make Informed Medical Material Choices
Few decisions are more elemental to the creation of a medical device than material selection—quite often it’s the chosen material’s properties that enable the device’s function—literally making it possible.

Published: 5/15/2019

Robot & Cobot Makers Are Pairing Up
Sepro adds its Visual controls to UR collaborative robots.