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Published: 9/30/2011

Calculate Shot Size Vs. Barrel Capacity
It may seem like a dull topic, but it will overcome the emotional experience that follows when you put a new mold into a machine and you find out there is not enough barrel capacity to make a full shot.

Published: 8/23/2011

Short Shots Redux
Deliberately making a short shot permits you to do a scientific molding viscosity curve. It will also prevent you from damaging the mold by overpacking if you set shot size incorrectly.

Published: 5/31/2011

Screws and Pellets: One Size Does Not Fit All
Screw design, pellet type/size and material behavior are all critical issues to consider to deliver uniform melt to the mold.

Published: 4/25/2011

Feed-Throat Temperature Control
It's the 'zone zero’ for injection molding.

Published: 3/26/2011

Why Non-Return Valves Leak
We all recognize that the non-return valve is a problem. The question is where is the research to figure out how to correct this so we have a better shot at making more consistent parts

Published: 2/23/2011

Pay Attention to Your Nozzle Body & Tip
These are overlooked components that can cost you thousands.

Published: 1/27/2011

Injection Molding: How to Set Second-Stage (Pack & Hold) Pressure
Most molders work with two parameters for establishing second-stage pressure. But within Scientific Molding there are actually four.

Published: 1/4/2011

Injection Molding: Understanding Pressure Loss In Injection Molding
One of the more prominent trends in processing is the need for higher plastic pressures to mold parts.

Published: 1/4/2011

Injection Molding: Processors: Teach Part Designers The Golden Rule
Make sure the designers you work with understand that there are limits to what processing can do.

Published: 1/3/2011

Injection Molding: Why & How to Do Gate-Seal Experiments
Part of optimizing any molding process is determining the second-stage injection, or pack and hold, parameters.