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Published: 9/25/2020

How to Know When Your Process is Ready to Make Acceptable Parts
Focus on six key metrics to help you determine when a process is lined out and stable enough to start production. 

Published: 8/13/2020

Back to the (Re)Grind
Some amount of scrap—generated in startup, shutdown or defective parts—is inevitable. How can you reclaim regrind into new profitable parts?

Published: 7/6/2020

Use This Check List to Get Your Machine Properly Installed
Whether you bought a new machine or one that’s been refurbished, you need to prepare for installation so that it can be executed as seamlessly as feasible. Here some advice.

Published: 6/5/2020

Fundamentals of Proper Press Shutdown
Press shutdown procedures have a significant impact on achieving smooth machine startups and restarts to improve uptime. Here’s a procedure you might want to deploy in your molding operation.

Published: 4/20/2020

The Cosmetic Process Window: Key to a No-Tweak, Robust Process
Establishing a process with the widest possible cosmetic window can help put your injection molding on cruise control.

Published: 3/31/2020

Don’t Get Caught in the Flash-and-Shorts Chase
Injection molding’s most common defects can have inverse correlation, where correcting one causes the other, leading to the “chase.”

Published: 3/27/2020

Follow These Tips to Sanitize Machine Controller Screens & Buttons
Keeping your workers safe from the coronavirus makes it extremely important to institute a sanitizing procedure on all touch surfaces of the controller, screen and operating panel. I did some research and here’s what I found.

Published: 3/10/2020

In Search of a Universal Setup Sheet
Duplicating a process from one injection machine to another is frustrating and time-consuming. Develop a mold-specific setup sheet that works in all kinds of presses by differentiating plastic parameters from machine parameters and duplicating those...