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Published: 2/22/2018

Pricing is Downward for PP; Upward for PE, PS, PVC
The degree of movement in either direction is not fully clear.

Published: 2/19/2018

Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles Lead Quest for Reversible Adhesives
  Promising research on reversible multi-material adhesive bonds could prove game changing in auto industry.  

Published: 2/16/2018

PE Film Market Snapshot: Consumer Can Liners
Huge market projected to grow by 3.6%/yr through 2020. Environmental issues remain a challenge.

Published: 2/13/2018

SABIC Weighs In On Additive Manufacturing Materials
  Overarching trend in plastics additive manufacturing: transition from a history of prototyping to a future of end-use part production.  

Published: 2/12/2018

Molding with Nylon: Tips & Tricks
Remember to consider shrinkage, gassing, and moisture when molding this versatile, but at times vexing, engineering plastic.

Published: 2/9/2018

Downward Pricing Trajectory for PP; Upward for PE, PS, PVC, PET
Commodity resin prices climbed in the first week of February, with the exception of PP, which spiked in January and is now correcting along with propylene monomer.

Published: 2/8/2018

PE Film Market Snap-Shot: Shrink Film
Roughly 797.3 million lb of PE was consumed making shrink film in 2017, and with growth of 1.7% forecast, consumption will hit 838.2 million lb 2020.

Published: 2/2/2018

Downward PE Pricing Projected With Processors To Gain Leverage
Ethylene and polyethylene plant startups to have impact, as will China’s scrap plastic import ban.

Published: 1/26/2018

IBM Tackles Chemical Recycling of Plastics From Post-Consumer PC (Think CDs) to a Thermoset
Jeannette Garcia, polymer chemist at IBM Research, details her research into chemical recycling of plastics for monomer recovery.

Published: 1/24/2018

‘What’s Up…or Down’ with Commodity Resin Prices
PE and PP were on the rise, while PS held steady, PET fell and PVC was mixed.