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Published: 4/13/2020

Compounding: Part 2 of 2 Demystifying Devolatilization
Here are some simple tools to help monitor and optimize your devolatilization process.

Published: 3/9/2020

Compounding: Part 1 of 2: Demystifying Devolatilization
Very little has been written about this critical topic, and most of what has been published is theoretical. Here’s some practical guidance to help you better understand the process and improve your operation.

Published: 2/7/2020

Why It's Crucial to Manage Melt-Temperature in a Twin-Screw Compounding Extruder
Managing and controlling melt temperature and degradation in a corotating compounding twin is critical to achieve process optimization. For compounders, it also greatly influences the ability of their molding and extrusion customers to make high-qua...

Published: 8/22/2019

The Extrusion 2019 Conference: Presenting Solutions in Compounding
Take a look at what you will learn in the compounding sessions of the industry leading technical conference devoted to extrusion.

Published: 8/15/2019

Extrusion 2019 Conference: The Extrusion Solution Institution
Early-bird discount to register for the conference where the extrusion industry comes to learn expires next week.

Published: 8/8/2019

Extrusion 2019 Conference: Still Time to Register, Save...and Learn
The early-bird discount to register for the conference where the extrusion industry comes to learn expires next week.

Published: 9/20/2017

There’s Still Time to Register for the Extrusion 2017 Conference
Two-and-a-half-day event is chock full of presentations and exhibitors to give you an unprecedented opportunity to learn and network.

Published: 7/25/2017

Registration Open for Extrusion 2017 Conference
Save money by registering now to the only conference devoted to all things extrusion.

Published: 5/25/2017

What’s in the Pipeline of New Compounding Machinery Developments at Farrel Pomini
Compounding biopolymers, automatic movement of rotor to seal line, adjustable mixing dam, a twin-screw pump for special applications and more.

Published: 5/10/2017

Farrel Pomini Debuts New HQ For Continuous Compounding
More than 50 visitors were given a tour of Farrel Pomini's new headquarters for continuous compounding systems in Ansonia, Conn.