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Published: 3/1/2010

It's Time to Get to Know Your Way Around Bioplastics
If you’re thinking about adding bioplastics to your portfolio of processing capabilities, it’s best to first find out what separates them from traditional synthetic polymers and how their differences will affect you.

Published: 3/1/2010

New Ethylene Copolymers for Films & Coatings
In the last two years, DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers, Wilmington, Del. ( has been actively expanding its portfolio of ethylene copolymers and taking them into new application areas.

Published: 1/29/2010

PolyOne Acquires New England Urethan
PolyOne Corp., Cleveland, has acquired New England Urethane, Inc., North Haven, Conn., a TPU compounder specializing in the healthcare market. (866) 765-9663 • (800) 760-0638 •

Published: 12/1/2009

On-Site: Green Business Is Good Business for Fabri-Kal
"We tend to jump on things early," says John Kittredge. "F-K has been a pioneer in a number of things. Our earliest example was converting HDPE margarine tubs to ABS. After that we were a leader in thermoforming polypropylene, and then APET." Now it...

Published: 12/1/2009

Solve PP Molding Problems with Nucleating Agents
Over the past several years, significant innovations have occurred in the area of polypropylene nucleation.

Published: 11/25/2009

A Recycling 'First' for Food Containers
The Bottle Box is a new clamshell food container made of 100% post-consumer PET beverage bottles.

Published: 11/25/2009

Bioplastics from Tobacco
Metabolix, Inc., Cambridge, Mass., has just completed a field trial of growing tobacco that was genetically engineered to produce polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolymers.

Published: 10/29/2009

Twin-Sheet Thermoforming Saves Lives
Around 4300 new mine-resistant (MRAP) all-terrain vehicles (M-ATVs) will be delivered to the U.S.

Published: 8/7/2009

NatureWorks Doubles PLA Capacity
WEB EXCLUSIVE: In July, NatureWorks LLC, Minnetonka, Minn., completed an expansion that doubles its capacity for Ingeo polylactide (PLA) biopolymers at Blair, Neb.

Published: 8/7/2009

Nova Chemicals Acquired
WEB EXCLUSIVE: The acquisition of Nova Chemicals Corp., Pittsburgh, by International Petroleum Investment Co. of Abu Dhabi was completed in July.