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Published: 11/6/2019

GM Exits PLASTICS, Greenpeace Lauds Move
The environmental organization, teaming with others, seems to have adopted a new tact of pressuring OEMs and brandowners to end their association with the Plastics Industry Association, but to what end?

Published: 10/29/2019

Radoszewski Takes PLASTICS Reins at Pivotal Moment
When a new leader assumes control over an organization, it is typical to ask, “What’s your vision for Association X, Y, Z..?”. Tony Radoszewski, new president and CEO of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), thinks the prem...

Published: 10/25/2019

How Do You Define Plastics?
A question asked in an industry forum starts an open-ended discussion about something that affects everyone’s lives. 

Published: 1/9/2019

Most Popular Plastics Technology Tweets of 2018
3D printing, NPE2018, the Molding conference and more drew engagement for Plastics Technology's Twitter feed in 2018.

Published: 1/8/2019

Plastics Technology’s Most-Viewed Videos of 2018
The most-viewed videos of 2018 at Plastics Technology’s YouTube Channel touched on everything from NPE2018 and recycling to cobots and design of experiments.

Published: 1/3/2019

Plastics Technology’s Top 10 Most-Viewed Blogs of 2018
Nylon 66 supply issues, 3D printing, injection fill time tips, NPE2018 news and more—here are the 10 most-viewed blogs at in 2018.

Published: 8/20/2018

Innovation Abounds at NPE2018
Here is a review of some notable moldmaking innovations and advancements on display at NPE2018.

Published: 8/6/2018

Moldmaking on Full Display at NPE2018
Collaboration is the name of the game, as more than 60 North American mold builders showcased their capabilities in shared demonstrations across the show floor.

Published: 7/17/2018

Industry 4.0: A Work in Progress
At NPE2018, Thorsten Kümann, secretary general of Euromap, the umbrella organization of European plastics and rubber machinery producers, led a highly informative “walking seminar” of the state of development of communications stand...

Published: 7/16/2018

VIDEO: NPE2018’s Materials & Additives Trends in Focus
Plastics Technology Senior Editor Lilli Manolis Sherman discusses advances and trends on display in resins and additives at NPE2018 with Executive Editor Jim Callari.