PET Processing - Extrusion

New Extruder Builder Has Familiar Names

Start-up machine builder, headed by extrusion veteran Kramer, to furnish extruders from 1-8 in dia. 

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

A Culture Built on Innovation in Medical Tubing Extrusion

Microspec was born out of innovation, and 28 years later continues to set the global standard in medical tubing by developing high-precision multi-lumen catheters—among other tubing products—by refusing to believe “it can’t be done.”
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Sheet Extrusion

Davis-Standard Opens Expanded Plant, Buys Maillefer

Machine builders adds space to accommodate blown film die manufacturing.


Specialized Color and Additive Masterbatches Thwart Counterfeiters

Polyone’s collaboration with potable water equipment maker fends off pirates.
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Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

EXTRUSION: Planetary Cutter Offers More Precision for Medical Tubing

Secondary off-line finishing is said to be all but eliminated.


Medical-Tubing Innovator Bets on Silicone Solutions

Trelleborg gains footprint in silicone-based implantable medical extrusions.
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Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

IoT Strategy Cuts Human Error at Teel

Controlling up to 20 parameters from a single web interface has slashed setup time and increased output at a leading profile processor.
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NDC Moving HQ to Ohio

California location to become the web process solutions tech center.

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

How to Collect and Interpret Process Data in Extrusion: Part 2

In this second of three installments, the focus is on the crucial element of melt temperature.
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Engineering Resins

Suppliers Team to Run Precision Teflon Tubing at Medical Show

Apart from the triennial K Show, extrusion system suppliers don’t operate lines at trade fairs that much anymore.