Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

How to Use Kinetic Modeling Analysis To Predict Profile Part Failure

Real-world project demonstrates how kinetic modeling can help estimate the shelf life of parts.

Extrusion Know How

Extruding Very High-Flow Polymers

Screw designs not suited to process lower-viscosity materials will result in poor melt quality and lower outputs.
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Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Help’s On the Way for Sheet Processors

Do you extrude sheet? Are you interested in networking with fellow processors, suppliers and sheet extrusion experts? Maybe you have questions about new-generation materials, or fundamental issues with drying?

Single-Screw Compounding

Are You in Film Extrusion?

Then check out the Extrusion 2016 Conference.


Graham, Blue Star Silicones Combine on Medical, Pharma Tubing

Collaboration intended to advance the development and testing of medical- and pharmaceutical-grade silicone tubing.

Multi-Screw Compounding

Are You in the Mood to Extrude?

You will be once you check out the program for Plastics Technology’s Extrusion 2016 Conference.

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

K 2016 Preview: Extrusion and Compounding

Regardless of what you might be extruding, the themes of speed and flexibility will loom large in extrusion at the giant show.

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Profile Extruder Sees the Light

Rotuba exited the sheet business to focus on custom profiles for LED light fixtures. It now ranks as North America’s leading profile extruder in this burgeoning market.
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PET Processing - Extrusion

EXTRUSION: Is Head Pressure Sapping Your Extruder’s Strength?

A redesign of all of the flow paths between the end of the barrel and die may be in order.
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All Electric & Hybrid Machines

Milacron Launches “eSTORE”

Online ordering of spare parts, supplies, and whole machines and systems.