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Published: 3/6/2019

Extrusion: Software Simulates Extrudate Cooling and Shrinkage
Eliminates need for processors to purchase two separate software packages for simulating the flow inside the die and for predicting the extrudate cooling.

Published: 2/4/2019

Extrusion: Non-Motorized Puller Assemblies for Downstream Product Handling
Available in pinch-roll and caterpillar designs.

Published: 1/8/2019

Extrusion: Compact Extruder Is Potent, Energy Efficient
Small-footprint machine reportedly uses up to 95% less energy/lb of material processed and can typically achieve dimensionally stable product within 20 min. of being turned on.

Published: 11/5/2018

Extrusion Tooling: Reciprocating Head Allows Profile-Shape Changes 'On the Fly'
Device eliminates the need to change tools to accommodate different profile shapes, eliminates assembly of finished profile.

Published: 3/23/2018

Measurement Systems for Large-Diameter Pipe, Other Extrusions
Display includes range of systems for quality control, process optimization and cost savings for hose, tube, and sheet. 

Published: 3/13/2018

Redesigned Multi-Layer Die for Precise Tubing
New Guill die can produce tubing from 1/1-6 in. OD for a range of applications.

Published: 3/4/2018

Single-Screw Extruder for a Wide Range of Applications
Flexible machine for pipe, profile, tubing, sheet, and more.

Published: 2/23/2018

US Extruders Debuts With New Machines, Novel Features
Machine builder that started up last August offering a variety of innovative designs.

Published: 2/23/2018

Flexible, Rugged Systems for Pipe, Profile
High-performance conical twin-screw extruder with calibration basket to change pipe diameter.

Published: 2/22/2018

New Control Platform, Plus Lines for Sheet, Tubing
Navigator control system now extends to all of the company's brands, including Graham Engineering, Welex, and American Kuhne.