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Published: 6/4/2020

Commodity Resin Prices Plunge in Second Quarter
Weak demand for industrial and durable goods, along with globally lower feedstock prices outweigh strong demand for packaging, medical products. 

Published: 5/20/2020

Price of PP First to Plunge; PE, PS, PVC, PET Are Next
Coronavirus fallout: Slowing demand, higher resin inventories, low global material prices, plus labor and transportation challenges.

Published: 4/3/2020

Prices of Volume Resins Flat to Down
Key drivers for the trajectory of resin prices include supply outpacing demand, lower feedstock costs, and uncertainty about coronavirus effects.

Published: 2/20/2020

PS Prices Rise While Others Sink
Parity with global prices, higher feedstock costs, and ample supplies are among the drivers.

Published: 2/11/2020

'Circular Economy' Dominates Discussion of Resins, Additives at K 2019
New product launches from materials suppliers at the giant show shine light on sustainability. 

Published: 1/1/2020

Part 5 of 6: Fundamentals of Polyethylene
How the development of new catalysts—notably metallocenes—paved the way for the development of material grades never before possible.

Published: 1/1/2020

Volume Resin Prices Flat or Down
Feedstock costs are lower, supply is outpacing demand, and overall global demand has slowed.

Published: 12/1/2019

Materials Knowledge Pays Off at Teel Plastics
Well-equipped and well-staffed testing lab elevates competence of custom processor.

Published: 12/1/2019

2019 Ends with Lower Prices for Commodity Resins
Global demand slowdown and oversupply end the year with a buyers’ market.

Published: 12/1/2019

An Agricultural Recycling 'Revolution'
Revolution is a leading brand bringing together expertise in recycling of agricultural film and manufacturing of plastic film, bags and irrigation tubing. The focus in all areas is to create sustainable closed-loop systems and use as much post-...