Tampoprint Shined at K 2016

With its 60 years of experience in machine engineering, Tampoprint belongs among the innovators of the pad-printing industry, according to founder and chairman Wilfried Philipp.


New Cure for the Headaches of In-Mold Labeling/Decorating

New IML/IMD method combines the best aspects of precut label stacks and labels on a roll with none of their drawbacks.


Two-Stage Injection Meets Molder’s Need for High Precision

Fixed screw and plunger with no check ring hold tolerances of millionths of an inch.


Compression Molding Boosts Output of Coffee Pods

Cycle time of 3.2 sec for PP pods is said to be half that of injection molding.


Americhem, LPKF Team Up on Colorful Laser Plastic Welding Results

Technology allows weight, time and money savings while optimizing aesthetics.

Film Extrusion

On-Site: The Buck Stops Here

Fully integrated manufacturing and an unwavering commitment to quality has helped position NELMAR as the ‘gold standard’ in tamper-evident security bags.


First Application of Photochromic Ink on a Flexible Package

Printpack awarded for its technical innovation by the leading flexible packaging industry association.


Sefortek Expands Business With Customized Ultrasonic Welders

Building ultrasonic welding machines for automotive and packaging is a new focus.


Panasonic to Mass Produce PBT Compounds for Laser Welding

New laser weldable PBT compounds targeted to enhancing design flexibility and reliability of auto switches and sensors.


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