Molder Gets Hermetic Seal, High Yield with Servo Welder

Supplier of power protection systems avoids redesign of molds by replacing pneumatic ultrasonic welder.
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What Is the Right Plastics Joining Process for You: Part 3—Coolant Manifold Case Study

What is the most appropriate plastics joining solution for a 30% glass-filled nylon coolant manifold?


Plastipak Wins Award for Direct Object Printing Technology

The patented DOP technology for packaging decoration facilitates rapid label changes & saves on logistical costs associated with physical labels.


What Is the Right Plastics Joining Process for You: Part 2—Available Technologies

The four primary joining technologies—vibration, clean vibration, infrared, hot-gas/convection—offer different benefits and challenges for different applications.


What Is the Right Plastics Joining Process for You? Part 1

Changing demands, advancing technology and a process-neutral approach to plastics joining for under-the-hood automotive parts.


How to Solve Common Ultrasonic Welding Problems

Understand and address the likely origins of welding problems to keep production on track.
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New Hard-Coating Technology for Large, Curved Auto Glazing

New plasma CVD coating over a wet coating offers wider design freedom than previous hard coats.

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Dramatic New Potential for Circuitry Printed on Plastics

Novel nano-silver and nano-copper inks reduce costs and complexity, while opening up new applications.


Rubbery, Velvety, Silky: Properties of Coated Auto Plastic Parts

HapticMapping is an objective approach for determining the haptic properties of PUR-coated plastics.


Tampoprint Shined at K 2016

With its 60 years of experience in machine engineering, Tampoprint belongs among the innovators of the pad-printing industry, according to founder and chairman Wilfried Philipp.