K 2019 Preview: Resins & Additives for Sustainability in Cars, Electronics & Packaging

Material suppliers are committed to the ‘Circular Economy,’ as evidenced by their adoption of new technologies, product introductions and collaborations.
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Materials: Broader Range of Biobased and Recycled Resins to Debut at K 2019

Albis Plastics is among several companie to feature an expanded ‘greener’ portfolio of resins and compounds. 
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DOMO Chemicals to Acquire Solvay's Nylon 66 Business in Europe

With the Technyl brand, DOMO will significantly boost its lead in the Eruopean nylon 6/66 business. 


Clariant Examines the Role of Color in a 'Circular Economy'

Top Clariant pigment expert sums up color compatibility with the plastics circular economy with a focus on packaging.
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Recycled Materials

Four Packaging Trends to Consider for 2020

Chroma Color’s Bishop Beall discusses his views on key trends to consider in the development of plastic packaging going forward. 
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Along with Sustainability, Advancements in Materials & Additives to be Highlighted at K 2019

Expect to see new materials and additives address sustainability but also emerging and growing technologies such as electrification of vehicles. 
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Additives: Odor Eliminator for Recycled and Filled Plastic Compounds

Addisperse’s proprietary odor eliminator technology works on both common and challenging malodors.

Recycled Materials

IntegriCo Steps Up Use of Plastic Waste that China No Longer Accepts

Hard-to-recycle plastics are being used by IntegriCo to make composite railway products.


Molder of Large Totes Save Material & Energy Costs with Recycled PP

Aaron Industries’ 100% recycled PP compound fortified with Milliken’s specialty modifier boosts MFI and retains strength.
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LyondellBasell Produces Family of Bio-Based Polyolefins

LBI’s collaboration with Neste marks the first time bio-based PP and bio-based LPDE were produced simultaneously at commercial scale.