Materials: PC, ABS and Blends with Up to 50% Recycled Content for Broad Range of Applications

Star Plastics’ new ReStart product line boasts a sustainable materials solution that delivers quality parts and reduced waste.

Commodity Resins

First Production of Virgin Polystyrene from Only Depolymerized Material

INEOS Stryrolution completes test runs producing virgin PS from 100% recycled styrene monomer—practical proof of the recyclability of polystyrene.


Eastman Launches Chemical Recycling Innovation for Complex Mixed Plastic Waste

Eastman’s ‘carbon renewal technology’ can recycle mixed plastic waste such as flexible packaging and films.


Eastman to Launch Advanced Circular Recycling Technology

Through the methanolysis process, polyester-based waste products are broken down to their building blocks which can be reintroduced for new polyester-based polymer production.


Eastman to Launch Advanced Circular Recycling Technology

Through Eastman’s methanolysis process, polyester-based waste products are broken down to their monomers which can then be used to for new polyester production.

Recycled Materials

Specialty Materials for Enhanced PE Recyclate

At least three major PE suppliers are targeting PE post-consumer recyclate with specialty materials and technologies that target high-value reuse.

Consumer Products

Finland's VTT Becomes R&D Partner in International Think Beyond Plastic

One of Europe’s top research centers will support the new Plastic Economy Innovation Center.

Commodity Resins

Additives: Patented Anti-Counterfeit System for Plastics

Polyfil now offers Kafrit’s Tracer technology in the Americas.
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Recycled Materials

Indorama to Buy Alabama PET Recycler

Company expands its multiple footprint in recycling to the U.S. 


Nova Chemicals Boosts Sustainability Efforts on Several Fronts and More

Advances in design of recyclable film structures and a major investment in a project reducing ocean plastics pollution discussed.
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