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Published: 3/5/2018

‘First’ Scientific Tests Show HDPE Can be Reused 10 Times
How often HDPE can be processed, ground and reprocessed in injection molding processes without fundamentally changing its  structure and characteristics?

Published: 2/7/2018

Plastic Materials, Recycling Should Play Part in Infrastructure Plan
Nation’s recycling facilities should be targeted in planned infrastructure upgrades.

Published: 1/26/2018

IBM Tackles Chemical Recycling of Plastics From Post-Consumer PC (Think CDs) to a Thermoset
Jeannette Garcia, polymer chemist at IBM Research, details her research into chemical recycling of plastics for monomer recovery.

Published: 1/23/2018

PE Film Market Snap-Shot: T-Shirt Bags
Downgauging is a key trend: the average PE t-shirt bag utilizes 30% less material than a bag made five years ago, due mostly to advances in resin technology.

Published: 12/6/2017

Technology Advancements and Investments Spur Polystyrene Recycling
Like its cousin the plastic bag, polystyrene foam has also been the talk of bans, but despite a bad reputation for being unrecyclable, there’s a lot of activity on the EPS reclaim front.

Published: 11/2/2017

Reusing Post-Consumer Plastics as a Concrete Strengthening Additive
Exposing discarded plastic to doses of gamma radiation changes the material’s crystalline structure in a way that makes the plastic stronger, stiffer and tougher.

Published: 10/27/2017

Bring On Your PCR
Lots of news lately on expanded use of postconsumer resin (PCR) in products and packaging, including updates from APR, KW Plastics and Landmark Plastic.

Published: 10/23/2017

Newly Formed Global Plastics Alliance To Harmonize Recycling Testing
North American and European associations seek a coordinated industry voice to create a Global Plastics Protocol.

Published: 10/12/2017

P&G Launches Second Ocean Plastic Bottle Made From 100% Recycled Plastic
320,000 bottles—the largest production run of recyclable dish soap bottles in the world made using ocean plastic—will hit store shelves in Britain next year.

Published: 9/27/2017

PLASTICS’ Carteaux Challenges NY Times Editorial on Plastic Bags
A pro-plastic bag ban editorial from the New York Times did not sit well with the plastics industry.