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Published: 4/29/2020

Compounding: Closed-Loop System for Coex Film Reclaim
New system permits reclaim of multi-layer production scrap at rates up to 100%.

Published: 3/9/2020

Recycling: New Free-Fall Metal Separator
This system is optimized for applications in plastics, especially for granulate and compound producers.

Published: 3/9/2020

Recycling: Advances in Direct PET Decontamination
The system is an advanced development of the Infrared Rotary Drum used in hundreds of industrial applications. 

Published: 1/29/2020

Recycling: New Software Allows Real-Time Remote Access
The system is available for the complete Starlinger product range and has been designed with this portfolio in mind, but machines of other manufacturers can be integrated as well.

Published: 11/12/2019

Feeding/Blending: New Feeders, Blenders for Regrind And Wire/Cable at K 2019
Movacolor brought out several new gravimetric systems.

Published: 10/8/2019

Recycling: Innovations in Slow-Speed Granulation
New machine gives molders more flexibility in slow-speed modes. Range of other new granulators also debuted at K 2019.

Published: 9/20/2019

Recycling: NGR and Kuhne to Showcase PET Recycling/Sheet Production Line
A demonstration line for viewing direct rPET to sheet has been arranged in the large R&D area of the Kuhne Group in nearby St. Augustin during K 2019.

Published: 9/20/2019

Recycling: Sesotec to Unveil New Metal Detector and Plastic Material Analysis System
Sesotec GmbH will launch its Rapid Pro Sense 6 metal detector and the Flake Scan plastic material analysis system at K 2019.

Published: 8/6/2019

Recycling: Large Single-Shaft Shredders for Bulky, Tear-Resistant Objects
 New at K 2019 is the modified Weima WAP gearbox.

Published: 7/29/2019

Recycling: Friction Washer, Bottle-to-Bottle Packaging Application
Amut is presenting plenty of new recycling technology at K2019.