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Published: 2/7/2019

Recycling: New Ultra-Fine Melt Filtration for PET Recycling
Smaller 60 µm screen size now available for Ettlinger’s ECO series filters suits them to processing 100% PET bottle flake for thermoforming sheet, packaging tape or staple fiber.

Published: 10/16/2018

Robust Melt Filter for High-Pressure Applications
New melt filter line handles a broad range of materials, including PE, PP, PS, PC, and ABS.

Published: 7/13/2018

Size Reduction: Low-Speed, Low-Noise Granulator for Sprues
Portable unit designed for presses up to 300 tons.

Published: 5/11/2018

Regeneration Line for Recycling
GM105 Compac can recycle materials like PP and PE in the form of pre-sized films, coils or loose products. 

Published: 5/10/2018

Commitment to Sustainability in Action at NPE2018
This is an opportunity for show-goers to see a first-hand demonstration of recycling in action. Visit the Westwood Parking lot (behind the West Building) to check it out today.

Published: 5/8/2018

Shredder/Granulator Combo Machine
Avian is showcasing a new a large-diameter shredder and granulator combination size-reduction system.

Published: 3/15/2018

New Granulators Can Tackle Large Injection or Blow Molded Scrap
Cumberland is showing its T50 Series Granulators and versatile FRV & Edge Trim FRE Series feedroll system.

Published: 3/14/2018

Mas To Showcase New Design For Continuous Melt Filtration
The MAS developed and patented CDF removes efficient and continuous wood, paper, non-melting foreign plastics, rubber, aluminum and similar contaminants from the melt stream.

Published: 2/18/2018

Injection Molding: Wittmann’s U.S. Debut of Two Machines, New Robots & Auxiliaries at NPE
A high-speed packaging machine, two-shot micromolder, and new high-end and economical robots, plus several new auxiliaries bow in at NPE.

Published: 2/16/2018

Redesigned Melt-Filtration Systems
Patented rotary filtration systems are completely encapsulated by two filter blocks with a hatch-door allowing access without interrupting the production process.