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Published: 3/31/2015

Are You a ‘World-Class’ Processor?
Participate in Plastics Technology’s industry-wide benchmarking survey and you might find out.

Published: 1/27/2015

BLOW MOLDING: Single- or Two-Stage PET Bottle Making: Get to Know Your Options
The decision which process to use can be quite complex. Here are pointers that will help you to choose the right one for your application

Published: 11/24/2014

How to Address Uneven Wall Thickness in Stretch-Blow Molding
Many conditions must be met to get the best wall distribution in a PET bottle. Skilled operators are, as always, indispensable.

Published: 6/24/2013

Your Pre-Installation Checklist-Part 1
The work really begins after you've ordered your new machine.

Published: 11/28/2012

The Importance of Air Valves In Accumulator-Head Blow Molding
Proper air usage is an important part of making good blow molded parts.

Published: 4/1/2010

How to Size a Machine and Tooling for Industrial Parts
Today’s industrial blow molding machines are highly efficient and predictable and generally can be relied on to produce sophisticated parts from the first shot.

Published: 3/1/2010

'Classic' Blow Molding Tale: Taking on New Challenges
Classic Containers Inc., a family-owned blow molder in Ontario, Calif., has been supplying bottles and closures to the personal-care market for more than 20 years.