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Thermoforming Carves New Role in Decorating Wood

Membrane pressing—a process widely used by the lumber industry to decorate shaped wooden cores with a plastic surfacing material—deserves the attention of U.S. thermoformers.


Can Lasers Make the Cut For Trimming Complex Parts?

 In Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, laser trimming is reportedly making in-line thermoforming and trimming of heavy-gauge industrial parts more viable and cost-effective than in the past.


Industrial Thermoformer Expands With Aid from State Training Grant

The last dollars of a $105,000 worker-training grant have now been spent.


NPE 2000 News Wrap-Up: Thermoforming

New capabilities for continuous roll-fed forming machinery were unveiled at NPE.


NPE Newsfinder: Thermoforming

Improved designs of high- and low-pressure metering systems will be displayed at NPE 2000.


From Pattern Maker to Custom Thermoformer: Mayfield Rides the Medical Wave

 The story of Mayfield Plastics will ring familiar to anyone who’s been around plastics processing for a few years.


Thermoforming PLA: How to Do It Right

Polylactic acid (PLA) resins are made from 100% renewable resources such as corn, sugar beets, or sugarcane.
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Where Are You Using Energy?

Few plants are able to accurately divide up their energy consumption by where it occurs, despite the fact that this is relatively easy to do.

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'Do-It-All' Approach Keys One Processor's Growth

What shape will the successful North American plastics processing operation take as we move through the next decade?
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Post-Consumer Recycling

Sustainability Drives Innovation at Leading RPET Processors

Two Southern California processors have boldly gone where no one has ever gone before.
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