K 2004 Wrap-Up on Thermoforming: Twin Sheets and High-Speed Packaging Share Center Stage

Innovations in thermoforming at K 2004 included new twin-sheet technology for automotive fuel tanks, a highly flexible and modular "plug-and-play" industrial vacuum former, and a range of high-speed units for cups and packaging.


Thermoforming Innovations Displayed At SPE Annual Conference

A twin-sheet thermoformed pallet uses PP foam as a plug assist that becomes the lightweight structural core.


K 2004 News Preview: Thermoforming

Thermoforming innovations at K 2004 include several new trim-in-place units for packaging, the first in-line packaging system with an infrared scanner that automatically adjusts oven temperatures. and improved halogen heating that works better with preprinted sheet.High-speed packagingIllig of Germany will introduce the RDK 80, a high-speed automatic trim-in-place pressure former whose advanced servomotor control is said to allow very precise setting of variable platen strokes and speeds.

Sheet Extrusion

PPS Role Shapes Up in Thermoforming

Thermoformers may find new opportunities in higher-performance applications with the arrival of thin-gauge PPS sheet from Penn Fibre Plastics (PFP). Highly crystalline PPS has until now resisted extrusion at less than 0.25-in. thickness due to its poor melt strength and the resulting sheet’s tendency toward brittleness.


Thermoforming Shines in Exterior Vehicle Panels

Thermoformers are gaining a foothold in large exterior panels of specialized automobiles and utility vehicles.
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How to Thermoform Top-Quality IMD Inserts

Wider adoption of in-mold decorating (IMD) for demanding industries like automotive, appliances, and consumer electronics will require thermoformers to have the right know-how and equipment.


Thermoforming Goes Paint-Free, Too

Thermoformed parts play two roles in the expanding field of in-mold decorating (IMD) of plastic parts: For injection molding, IMD begins by thermoforming a thin film into decorative shells that are placed in the injection mold cavity and then back-molded with a compatible substrate.


The Super-Specialty Side of Thermoforming

Welch Fluorocarbon Inc. in Dover, N.H., produces nothing but tiny, super-thin thermoformed parts for critical applications.

Injection Molding

Thermoformer Tosses Gauntlet to Injection Molders

Profile Plastics in Lake Bluff, Ill., has prospered for 43 years as a heavy-gauge custom thermoformer by investing steadily in the latest technology and then applying it in highly practical ways.