Registration Now Open for Amerimold, Moldmaking and Extrusion 2021

The collocated in-person events will take place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill., Sept. 21-23.

Additive Manufacturing

Novel Metal 3D-Printing Technology Optimized for Plastic Tooling

A new company called Mantle offers 3D printing equipment and materials that boast unique suitability for producing injection mold components, overcoming limitations of other printing methods.

Injection Molding

Turn on the Juice: The Benefits of Mold Electrification for Molders

Electrifying the mold reduces the chances of bad parts, supports a clean molding environment and increases control of the process with real-time feedback. Here’s help to determine whether it’s right for you.  


Simulating Two-Shot Molding: How Does the First Shot Affect Overall Part Warpage?

Moldex3D simulation can integrate analysis of the first-shot temperature, pressure, and fiber orientation into warpage analysis of the second shot.

Additive Manufacturing

Fortify Completes Equity Round

The Boston-based inventor of the Digital Composite Manufacturing (DCM) additive manufacturing technology secured $20 million in funding.

Mold Maintenance

DMS North America Acquires Component Guys

The acquisition, effective March 1, reunites former and present DMS team members.

Mold Maintenance

Components Help Route Cooling Lines

Diverting rods and O-rings provide designers with more options to route cooling lines within their tools.

Mold Maintenance

Redesigned Roller Lock Available in Three Advanced Materials

DME new LT-Series LifeTime Side Locks come in D2, DC53, or 440C stainless steel, depending on the tool’s requirements.

Injection Know How

Three Key Decisions for an Optimal Ejection System

When determining the best ejection option for a tool, molders must consider the ejector’s surface area, location and style.


Meet Me in Chicago

In Rosemont, to be more specific. Join us September 21-23 for a first-of-its-kind, in-person event that brings under one roof our annual Molding and Extrusion 2021 Conferences, together with our Amerimold tradeshow.