Vacuum-Rated Double-Cone Tumble Blenders

Designed for large-scale yet 'intimate' blending of free-flowing solids. 


Melt Pumps Redesigned to Boost Output

Also said to improve product quality and simplify selection for processors.

Injection Molding

Reusable Insulation Blanket for Processing Machinery

Can be used on any style extruder, as well as extruder barrels, heads and injection and blow molding machines.  

Feeding & Blending

Double Planetary Mixers Granulate and Dry

High-precision mixing, granulation and vacuum drying in a single vessel.  


Mixing: Triple Shaft Mixer with Powder Induction Manifold

Dual-post triple-shaft design has been revolutionized with this feature to streamline the processing of substantial powder phases.   


Mixing: Skid-Mounted Mixing and Pumping Station

ROSS has recently designed a skid system capable of mixing and pumping low to moderately viscous products.


Mixing: Planetary Mixing & Discharging in a Sanitary Turnkey System

Common stainless steel workbench holds both the mixer and a matching discharge system.  


Mixing: High-Shear Mixer

Said to generate a level of shear usually reserved for high-pressure homogenizers.

Single-Screw Compounding

Compounding: Higher-Performing Pilot Machine

Series is height adjustable and can process highly filled and viscous materials.


Compounding: Continuous Processor Can Run Safely on Empty

Proprietary power transmission design and bearing configuration make this possible.