Decorating, Printing, Finishing

Post-processing operations such as decorating, printing and finishing turn semi-finished parts into finished goods. Decorating options include hot stamping, pad printing, screen printing, heat transfers, in-mold decorating.

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Headlines from Fakuma 2018

precut roll fed IML system
Close-Up on Technology

New Cure for the Headaches of In-Mold Labeling/Decorating

New IML/IMD method combines the best aspects of precut label stacks and labels on a roll with none of their drawbacks.

On-Site: The Buck Stops Here

Fully integrated manufacturing and an unwavering commitment to quality has helped position NELMAR as the ‘gold standard’ in tamper-evident security bags.
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Decorating: Continuous Inkjet Printer for Coding Dark Surfaces

Paul Leibinger’s new JET3up PI is designed to handle difficult-to-process inks, greatly reducing cleanup required.