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In this Tech Day session, experts Walter Smith of Nordson and Steve DeAngelis of Davis-Standard will speak about new developments in high-speed sheet extrusion and next-generation tooling.

Steinbeck Named CEO of W&H

Succeeds long-time CEO Jürgen Vutz, who will join the company’s Supervisory Board beginning the new year.

PART ONE How to Determine Viscosity Data Using a Slit-Die Viscometer

Using a slit-die viscometer connected to a lab extruder can generate accurate data on melt viscosity at various shear rates and temperatures, a useful QC tool in processing.
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Try This Approach to Clean Up Your Recycled Material

CO2 can be used as a totally “green” solvent to remove many kinds of contamination in recycled plastics without the need for toxic solvents.

Extrusion: Go from Fluff to Blown Film With Twin-Screw System

System bypasses pelletizing step and can reprocess barrier films.

Extrusion: MDO Stretches Film-Performance Limits

Systems rely on infrared heaters inside the cylinder. 

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‘Game Changing’ Flat Die Lives Up to Its Billing

Revolutionary ‘touchless’ die and control system for cast film and coating/laminating offer speed, efficiency and operational efficiencies to processors that were previously ‘unheard of.’

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PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Candy

With an AAGR of 11.8%, PE resin consumption is anticipated to reach 52.9 million lb in this market by 2022.

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Envelopes

One of the fastest-growing PE film markets is expected to grow at a clip of  of 5.2% a year through 2022.

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Deli Bags and Wrap

With an average annual growth rate of 7.9%, PE resin consumption in this market is anticipated to reach 25.2 million lb in this market by 2022.

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Converter Film

Market pegged to grow 5.7% yearly through 2022. 

Polykar Adds Film Line Dedicated to Biopolymers

New Reifenhauser blown film line designed to process all types of biopolymers plus the full range of traditional polymers.  

W&H: Virtual Expo a Success

More than 2000 visitors from 120 countries tuned in for live flexographic and gravure press demonstrations, technical sessions and virtual meetings.  

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Bubble Packaging

Continued trend toward e-commerce is driving growth in the market for bubble packaging.

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Consumer Trash Bags

Trash bag market dominated by major players. Average annual growth pegged at 3.4% for the next three years though environmental issues loom.

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Institutional Can Liners

Market is about 1.37 billion lb strong now, and is expected to grow by 2.6% through 2022.

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: T-Shirt Bags

Coronavirus concerns have made some governments reverse bans on the books, but the T-shirt market is projected to be flat through the next three years.

PE Film Market Snapshot 2020: Consumer/Industrial Product Liners

Monolayer structures still dominate this market.

Reifenhauser Converts Second Pilot Line for Protective Gear in Coronavirus Fight

Line will produce enough material to create 1.2 million coveralls for hospital workers aiding COVID-19 patients.

PE Film Market 2020 Snapshot: Stretch Film

Stretch film accounted for 2.4 billion lb of PE of resin consumption in 2019, making this sector one of the largest and fastest growing markets within the PE film industry, according to Mastio’s research. The top five players hold about 80% of the market.