Injection Molding

Upgraded Digital Charge Amplifier

New generation builds off wholly new unit launched in 2018 with faster startups and two energy paths.

All Electric & Hybrid Machines

Vertical Injection Molding Machine Offers Lower Profile

Nissei says the latest addition to its TWX-RIII series of vertical presses is 30% shorter than a comparable machine.

Injection Molding

Continuous Fiber Reinforced Inserts for Large Flat PP Parts

Selective PP reinforcements from Integrated Composite Products (ICP) offer significant improvements in strength, stiffness and impact properties.


Reusable Insulation Blanket for Processing Machinery

Can be used on any style extruder, as well as extruder barrels, heads and injection and blow molding machines.  

All Electric & Hybrid Machines

Injection Molding: New Machine Series Features Multiple Upgrades

Toyo’s new Si-6s series offers faster auto purging, automatic process adjustments to material viscosity changes, first-stage fill verification and a larger, intuitive touch control.


Injection Molding: Self-Adjusting, Self-Learning Machine Vision System

Inspekto’s Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) S70 independently determines the number of samples needed to learn a part’s features and automatically adjusts camera settings for the best possible image.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: Remote Optimization of Process & Machine by Application Engineer

Injection molding machine and automation supplier Engel has expanded its Inject 4.0 portfolio of technologies and services to include performance.boost.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: Machine Series Can Be Configured, Ordered Online

Arburg’s Allrounder 270 S boasts a smaller footprint and 25% lower cost, with online configuration and ordering said to shorten delivery time.

All Electric & Hybrid Machines

Injection Molding: Vertical Line Features Larger Table

Arburg’s Allrounder 1300 T vertical injection molding machine features a 1300-mm (51-in.) rotary table, 10% smaller footprint and 15% more space for molds.


Injection Molding: All-Electric Machine Line Expands

Engel has added a 130-ton press to its all-electric line of e-mac machines, which now ranges from 50 to 280 tons.