Special-Effect Masterbatch for Natural-Looking Plastic Wine Corks

Prototype TPE corks made with Avient’s new Renol and Remafin masterbatch that create natural-looking TPE corks gets positive reviews at recent trials.  

Injection Molding

Controller-Guided Procedure for Faster Hot-Runner Color Changes

Husky partnered with Chem-Trend to speed hot-runner color changes, pairing a new guided procedure within the Altanium Mold Controller with Chem-Trend’s Ultra Purge brand of purging compound.
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Purging Compounds

Heat-Activated Purging Concentrate Designed for Toughest Applications

Asahi Kasei Asaclean America’s Plus Grade blends seamlessly with a processor’s own production resins  

Engineering Resins

PPS-Based Carbon Fiber Thermoplastic Unidirectional Tape

Teijin Carbon’s latest addition to its Tenax carbon fiber TPUD (thermoplastic unidirectional) pre-impregnated tape is based on PPS allowing for entry into new cost-sensitive markets.

Engineering Resins

Partially Biobased High-Performance PPA Compounds

Solvay’s Amodel Bios family of partially biobased long-chain PPA products geared to E&E applications in e-mobility.

Engineering Resins

Mechanically Recycled ABS/PC and Chemically Recycled ABS Produced and Validated

The first volumes of Elix Polymers’ new E-Loop brand of ABS/PC and ABS with recycled content constitute the company’s circular economy activities.
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Durable PVC DPHP Plasticizer Based on Renewable Material

Perstorp’s Emoltene 100 Pro is a drop-in for existing flexible formulations with the added benefit of a lower carbon footprint.  


Jewel-Toned Colorants for Blow Molded and Injection Molded Polyolefins

Ampacet’s Gemstones Collection said to provide a luxury reflective look to PE, HDPE and PP packaging and consumer products.


Antimicrobial-Containing TPEs for High-Touch Plastic Surfaces

Avient’s three proprietary TPE formulations inhibit bacterial growth by +99.9% and resist fungal and mold growth.

Recycled Materials

Oxygen Scavenger for up to 100% rPET

Avient’s non-nylon based Amosorb 4020R said to provide rPET packaging with full, consistent oxygen scavenging performance and enhanced aesthetics.