Auxiliary Equipment: Advanced Gravimetric Additive Masterbatch Feeder

Ampacet’s new Liad Smart ColorSave 1000 gravimetric feeder said to take dosing precision and cost savings to next level.


Injection Molding: Mold Dehumidifier Adds Germ- and Virus-Free Version

Blue Air Systems’ DMS (Dry Mould System) provides aseptic dehumidification of tools for a germ and virus-free molding atmosphere.

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Materials: Unusual Crosslinkable Elastomers Outperform TPVs, Silicones and Thermoset Rubbers

PolyOne’s new Barricade Elastomers offer high-temperature compression set performance, easier processing and lighter weight.

Consumer Products

Materials:Laser Weldable Nylon 66 Compound for Broad Range of Applications

PolyOne’s new laser weldable Bergamid nylon 66 formulation tailored to automotive, consumer goods and medical devices. 


Materials: Medical TPEs Boast Excellent Adhesion to Engineering Plastics

Teknor Apex’s next-generation Medalist MD-3000 Series said to offer productivity advantages over silicones. 

Consumer Products

Materials: TPEs for Skin and Mouth Contact Safety and Comfort

Kraiburg TPE adds new compounds for the dental and oral hygiene market.

Pipe, Profile & Tubing Extrusion

Extrusion: New Extruder Line Targets Medical Applications

Series comes with a range of standard features. Customization also available.

Engineering Resins

Materials: Long-Fiber-Reinforced Engineered Compounds for Medical Equipment Components

Solvay’s Xencor LFT targeted to structural medical equipment parts such as gear systems.


Materials: Medical-Grade Compounds and Concentrates for Laser Welding

Clariant supports a ‘Quality by Design’ approach to laser welding of medical devices.
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Materials: Colored Polysulfones for Healthcare Applications

Techmer PM and BASF have launched colored Ultrason grades.