Heard of Design for Manufacture…How About Design for Maintenance?

Contract manufacturer Canon Virginia (yes, that Canon) used a webinar to introduce what it calls DFM2— Design for Manufacture and Design for Maintenance.


Join us September 21-23 for a first-of-its-kind event that brings under one roof our annual Molding and Extrusion Conferences, together with the Amerimold Expo. 

DMS North America Acquires Component Guys

The acquisition, effective March 1, reunites former and present DMS team members.

Components Help Route Cooling Lines

Diverting rods and O-rings provide designers with more options to route cooling lines within their tools.

Redesigned Roller Lock Available in Three Advanced Materials

DME new LT-Series LifeTime Side Locks come in D2, DC53, or 440C stainless steel, depending on the tool’s requirements.


Tooling: How to Properly Size, Gates, Runners and Sprues, Part 2

Get the sprue, runner and gate sizes close to ideal the first time around.

Tooling: Why Ejector Pins Break and How to Prevent It, Part 3

Here we focus on forces, friction, surface finish, and lubrication.

Tooling: Why Ejector Pins Break And How to Prevent It, Part 2

Here’s the when and how to reduce the unsupported length of pins.

Tooling: Why Ejector Pins Break...and How to Prevent It, Part 1

In part one of this four-part series, we focus on the molding machine and the ejection system as culprits.

Tooling: Hot Sprues—Mold a Disk or Not?

Having a hot sprue shut off against the parting line versus intentionally molding a thin disk has been the subject of controversy for many years.

How Sprue Pullers Help Prevent Molding Issues: Part 2

A vital secondary function of sprue pullers is to act as a cold well to trap solidified material left in the machine-nozzle tip.

PCS Company Launches New Website

The mold component supplier says the new site will feature faster load times and a more user friendly experience, including a responsive design that allows users to view it on any device.

iD Additives to Host Virtual Open House

iD Additives Inc. will host the mold-maintenance-themed event Wednesday, August 5 from 9 a.m.-12 noon CST.

Performance Plastics’ Secrets to Seamless Mold Transfers

Half of this Ohio-based molder’s client base started with a mold transfer. The firm shares the secrets of its success here.

Tooling: Larger Model Integrated Pump/Filter System for Cleaning Internal Cooling Passages

New Eco-Pro 360 XL cart from iD Additives more than doubles the output of the company’s standard Eco-Pro cart, and targets larger molds and chill rolls for extrusion.

Tooling: How to Properly Size, Gates, Runners and Sprues, Part 2

Get the sprue, runner and gate sizes close to ideal the first time around.

Injection Molding: Mold Mover Made More Ergonomic

RUD’s newest Tool Mover reduced the height of the working surface on the smallest model to 595 mm (about 2 ft).

Solving Issues with Gloss

Your problem may be related to tooling, material, processing, or combinations thereof. Here’s how to find the root cause.
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Bigger, Faster, Lower-Cost Robots at K 2019

Three, four, five and six axes; high speed and high payload capacities; low-cost models; and collaborative robots made news at K. There were also QMC systems and AGVs.
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Injection Molding: Magnetized Elevation Pads Simplify Support of Molds & Machinery

Rhino Feet from Molders Choice support up to 7000 lb and have a molded-in magnet to stick to ferrous surfaces.

Cart & Pump/Filter System Mobilize Cooling-Passage Cleaning

iD Additives Inc., LaGrange, Ill., is featuring its new iD Eco-Pro 360 Cart with an integrated pump/filter system at PLASTEC West.

iD Additives Names PCS Company the Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Rust Removal System

Effective immediately, PCS is the exclusive distributor to injection molders and moldmakers in the U.S. for iD Additives’ iD Eco-Pro 360 rust removal systems.

Tooling: Compound Lowers Friction and Torque Between Metal Components

Slide Products’ Aluminum Anti-Seize Compound is said to be ideal for applications where non-similar metals are in contact.