NPE2018: The Plastics Show provides exclusive access to the people, processes, science and ideas that are shaping the future of plastics. Attend NPE2018 to build connections, exchange ideas and explore the largest concentration of machinery, tools, technology and professional training available in today’s industry marketplace.  Plastics Technology is proud to be an official NPE2018 Show Daily partner, bringing you exclusive coverage of the macro-trends on display and the technology that’s driving the future of plastics. 

Flexible vinyl

Get into the Zone: Flexible Vinyl

The Flexible Vinyl Zone showcases the latest trends in vinyl across industries, including the medical, automotive, construction, packaging and consumer products industries.


3D Printing Workshop Debuts at NPE2018

One of the most exciting new events at NPE2018: The Plastics Show is the debut of the 3D Printing Workshop, an event examining 3D printing technology from a plastics processing perspective.

New Product Announcements
Press Release

Laser Machine Increases Engraving and Texturing Capacity

High Tech Laser and Polishing's purchase has the capability of traveling 62" × 31" × 42" with 2,200-lb weight capacity.