Custom Discharge Heads for Blown-ion Plasma Treaters

Enercon’s new offering said to enable new applications for difficult to reach surfaces.


‘Revolutionary’ Heat-Staking Process for Auto Interior Trim, Lighting Electronics, Medical Devices

Extol’s nanoStake staking technology uses a proprietary heating technology to rapidly heat and cool a punch to stake all types of thermoplastics.


‘Unique’ Infrared Welding Machine

Extol’s InfraGuide is said to be like no other IR welding technology eliminating heat flare-up or uneven heating.


Laser Plastic Weld Tooling Enhances Process Quality

Extol’s new LaserLock said to repeatedly locate and hold plastic parts inside the laser welding machine.


Corona Treatment System for Improved Decoration of Bottles

3DT’s new and versatile BottleDyne quickly treats bottles for better adhesion.  


Cost-Performance Industrial Fiber Laser-Based Label Marking System

Primera Technology’s new Catalyst Laser Marking System allows for fast, easy production of highly durable, synthetic labels.  


Upgraded Ultrasonic Welder Supports FDA 21CFR Part 11

Along with two key software upgrades to Emerson’ Branson GSX-E1 2.0 ultrasonic welder is a patent-pending dynamic weld-mode.


Solid Pin for Cost-Effective Assembly of Two Plastic Components

Spirol’s new BP100 Press-N-Lok Pin boasts quicker assembly time and lower assembly equipment costs compared to screws and adhesives.


Laser Welder Offers Speed, Flexibility and Enhanced Manufacturing Capabilities

Emerson’s new Branson GL-300 laser welder said to offer plastic component manufacturers maximum flexibility without loss of quality or product performance.


Automated Vertical Wrapping System Boosts Throughput

Brown Machine’s NAS unit said to increase efficiency and reduce material costs.