Laser Welder for Small, Delicate Plastics Parts

Emerson’s Branson GLX Micro laser welder targeted to delicate parts used in medical, consumer and electronic industries.

Sheet Extrusion

Packaging: New Systems for Seaming, Heading, Capping Squeeze-Tube Packaging

Side-seam smaller tubes and apply shoulders and caps automatically at high speed.

In-Mold Decorating

Decorating, Printing: New Decorating Technologies for Tubes and Injection Molding at K 2019

Digital metallic and multicolor decorating of squeeze tubes, combination hot-stamping and four-color printing machine, and large-area injection molding IMD were some of the news from Kurz at K 2019.


Decorating/Printing: Industrial Inkjet Printer Boosts Productivity of Wire and Cable Products

Leibinger’s new Jet Rapid Wire coding system for cables, wires, pipes and tubes boasts marking speeds of up to 1000 m/min.


Welding: Next-Generation Ultrasonic Welders Unite Form and Function

Herrmann Ultrasonics’ new HiQ G2 series boasts a new dimension of communication and ergonomics in ultrasonic welding for perfect and repeatable joining results.


Testing: Versatile Laser Marking for Large Parts

Amada Miyachi’s WL-300A laser workstations are highly configurable and designed for industrial manufacturing.

Stretch Blow Molding

Blow Molding: Digital Inkjet Printing onto PET Bottles

Printing directly on bottles can substitute for labels and in some cases can take place inside the blow molder.


Decorating: New Way to Apply Touch Sensors to Plastic Parts

New Kurz roll-on technology for large-area sensors improves speed and quality, reduces cost. See it first at K 2019.


Decorating, Printing, Finishing: Taking Corona and Plasma Surface Treatment Beyond Industry 4.0

Vetaphone now offers hardware interfaces such as Profinet on its equipment to allow centralized set-up and control.


Auxiliary Equipment: 'Smart,' Powerful Ionized Blower

Billed as the most advanced static neutralizing blower for the industrial market.