Robots are used primarily in injection molding but in other processes as well as a means to automate the process and reduce cost by eliminating the need for operator intervention. Robots can be used for part/sprue removal, part assembly and even packaging.

At K 2019, BBM demonstrated a new all-electric shuttle blow molder for stackable jerrycans. Inside the machine is a Universal Robots six-axis cobot for takeout and trimming.

What ‘Cobots’ Can Do for Blow Molders

Low-cost and easy-to-program collaborative robots are a new solution to bottle handling, trimming and packing automation.


Robot Questions? Automation Answers

Robot vs. cobot; what to automate, what to leave as is; 3- vs. 5- vs. 6-axis—Molding 2020 tackles the hard automation questions injection molders face.

New Product Announcements

Automation: Plug-and-Play Screwdriver for Cobots

OnRobot’s screwdriver features built-in smart features—including precise torque and embedded axis control—that simplify programming and boost productivity.