Scrap Reclaim

Processors of all types try to avoid generating scrap, but when it is made it generally is re-used by putting it back into the process. Production (or post-industrial) scrap includes off-spec parts, sprues, edge trim from film and sheet, and the like. It is usually reduced in size by devices such as granulators, shredders and pulverizers, and re-fed into the processing machine.

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Perwoll bottles from chemically recycled plastic

Henkel, BASF Collaborate on Chemical Recycling

Henkel is evaluating further opportunities for integrating chemically recycled plastic in its product packaging.

America's Big Beverage Companies Announce New Recycling Initiative

Through the Every Bottle Back initiative, beverage companies are stepping up efforts to reclaim as much plastic packaging as possible to ensure it is remade into new PET bottles.