Sheet Extrusion

Sheet is distinguished from film by its thickness: anything over 0.25-mm is considered sheet. The process closely resembles cast film extrusion. Thinner sheet is typical thermoformed into trays, clam shells, cups or bowls, whereas thick sheet may be used for signage, refrigerator liners and truck bed liners. Common sheet extrusion materials include PET, high-density polyethylene, polystyrene and ABS. Sheet can be produced in either single or multi-layer formats.

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Breaking Barriers: Sheet Processor Makes Move on High-End Packaging Market

Breaking Barriers: Sheet Processor Makes Move on High-End Packaging Market

Impact Plastics sets up new brand with game-changing disruptive technology that combines a novel PP with customized equipment that looks to upend the business of extruded sheet for barrier food packaging.


‘Untapped Workforce’ Helps Drive Growth at MDI

Minnesota-based firm extrudes corrugated HDPE sheet and fabricates it into all kinds of tubs, totes, boxes, and trays for businesses that include Fortune 500 companies. Its model is unique: a manufacturer in a competitive business-to-business environment that has a mission of providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities—in an integrated and inclusive setting.

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Extrusion: Revamped High-Speed Line Packs More Processing Power, Flexibility

New extruder from PTi has a maximum capacity 3600 lb/hr, a 33-38% increase in throughput over its previous high-speed design.