High-Efficiency Benchtop Spectrophotometer Series

Datacolor’s Spectro 1000/700 series spectrophotometer, boasts high efficiency and confidence in color formulation in quality control for plastics and other industries.


FTIR Plastic Analysis System with Spectral Library Method Package

Shimadzu Scientific’s new FTIR boasts highly accurate qualification of unknown samples.


Laboratory Management Software for Permeation Analyzers

Ametek Mocon’s new PermWare software is designed for laboratory managers overseeing Mocon permeation analyzers.  


Upgraded AI-Powered Handheld 3D Scanners for QC

The capability of the Artec 3D handheld scanners from Exact Metrology, Cincinnati, Ohio, has been increased with the addition of the new HD mode.


Injection Molding: Self-Adjusting, Self-Learning Machine Vision System

Inspekto’s Autonomous Machine Vision (AMV) S70 independently determines the number of samples needed to learn a part’s features and automatically adjusts camera settings for the best possible image.


Testing: Contour & Surface Roughness Measuring System for QC of Plastic Parts

Mitutoyo’s new Formtracer Avant contour and surface roughness system said to be ideal for QC of auto and aerospace parts and medical devices.

Consumer Products

Testing: Large-Format Multi-Sensor Vision System

Starrett’s AVX550 large-format vision system boasts best features of vision and touch-probe inspection


Testing: Versatile, High-Speed Coordinate Measuring Machines

Mitutoyo’s Crysta-Apex V boasts the highest performance and versatility in the current line-up of CNC coordinate measuring instruments. 


Testing: Enhanced Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer for Packaging Films, Nonwovens

System Illinois’ latest generation Lyssy L80 water-vapor permeability tester measures barrier and high-permeability materials.

Commodity Resins

Testing: Thickness Measurement & Dimensional Gauging in One System for Plastic Containers

Agr’s Gawis 4D all-in-one system is well suited for measuring PE, PP and PET containers and preforms.
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