Hot Runners

Dual-Zone Hot Sprue Bushing

Melt Design’s Equatemp line of hot sprue bushings now has a dual-zone model.

Injection Molding

Upgraded Simulation Package Adds Nozzle Zone & Conformal Cooling ‘Wizards’

Wizards assist conformal-cooling layout and simulation of melt compression in the nozzle in Moldex3D 2021.

Mold Simulation

Injection Molding Networking Software Adds Simulation Support

RJG’s Hub now supports Moldex 3D and Autodesk’s Moldflow/Insight injection molding simulation software.


Novel External Latch Lock Design

DME says its patent-pending EZ-Latch Lock provides a long-lasting, reliable and easy-to-install lock for plate sequencing.

Hot Runners

Online Hot Runner Configuration Tool Adds New Functions

Nozzle range, resin selection, shot weights, gate types and more are expanded on online hot runner configuration portal.

Mold Maintenance

Components Help Route Cooling Lines

Diverting rods and O-rings provide designers with more options to route cooling lines within their tools.

Mold Maintenance

Redesigned Roller Lock Available in Three Advanced Materials

DME new LT-Series LifeTime Side Locks come in D2, DC53, or 440C stainless steel, depending on the tool’s requirements.

Mold Maintenance

Non-Magnetic Quick Mold Change

PFA says its new Hydra-Jaws quick mold change (QMC) system targets molds made from non-magnetic materials such as aluminum or ones with insulator plates and rough or uneven surfaces.

Mold Maintenance

Leaf-Spring Roll Stopper Holds Slides in Place

Meusburger’s leaf-spring roll-stopper slide retainers come in two different variations with three different thicknesses of leaf spring.

Hot Runners

Improved Hot Runner Nozzle Gate Bushing

Thermoplay says the newest generation of its D-Bushing gate bushing features double sealing and high thermal performance, among other benefits.