Molds & Tooling

Tooling: Heat-Resistant 3D Printing Material Suited to Plastic Tooling

A tough, heat-resistant resin for 3D printing was introduced last November by 3D Systems.

Molds & Tooling

Tooling: Rotary Cooling Device for Demolding Rotating Cores

Compact rotary cooling units provide a cost-efficient means to integrate rotating cores into molds, while providing greater cooling for faster cycles.

Mold Maintenance

Injection Molding: Mold Mover Made More Ergonomic

RUD’s newest Tool Mover reduced the height of the working surface on the smallest model to 595 mm (about 2 ft).

Molds & Tooling

Tooling: Latch Lock for 3-Plate Molds

An alternative to round- or flat-latch models, this new lock’s simple mechanical function results in a compact design and reduced installation machining.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: Simulation Factors in Material Compression and Machine Response During Injection

Moldex3D version R17 increases prediction of filling speeds and pressures.

Injection Molding

Injection Molding: Magnetized Elevation Pads Simplify Support of Molds & Machinery

Rhino Feet from Molders Choice support up to 7000 lb and have a molded-in magnet to stick to ferrous surfaces.

Hot Runners

Hot Runners: Two New Control Related Products

Compact operating and display unit and power controller for precise switching of resistive loads launched.

Hot Runners

Hot Runners: Controller Adds Industry 4.0 Functionality, Set-Up Assistant

The latest iteration of Meusburger’s profiTEMP+ hot runner controller supports EUROMAP 82.2 for data exchange between injection molding machines and hot runner controllers.

Hot Runners

Hot Runners: Nozzles, Valve Gate Unit & Control Announcements

Meusburger’s PSG brand expanded the smartFILL nozzle series; provided pneumatic and hydraulic operating units for valve gate nozzles and combined the VCON controller with the profiTEMP+ in one cabinet.

Molds & Tooling

Tooling: ‘Reverse Cube’ Puts New Spin On Two-Component Molding

For two-component molding, splitting the cube mold into halves that rotate in opposite directions provides thermal isolation and long cooling times for both materials.