Gardner Business Media Announces Inaugural Top Shops Expo + Conference

The new industrial event from the publisher of Plastics Technology will feature data, sourcing and technology updates for manufacturing businesses, including injection molders.


Join us September 21-23 for a first-of-its-kind event that brings under one roof our annual Molding and Extrusion Conferences, together with the Amerimold Expo. 

There’s Still Time to Take the Top Shops Survey

Responses to the annual survey are tracking well ahead of the previous year, and you still have time to complete your response and see how your facility stacks up.
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One Last Look at 2020

Before you turn over a new leaf to 2021, take a full accounting of 2020 with Plastics Technology’s Top Shops survey.

Injection Molders: Benchmark Yourselves Against Your Peers

How do you measure up against the elite in injection molding? Find out by taking part in our annual Top Shops survey.
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Free Survey: *[No] Restrictions May [Ever] Apply

Apart from costing you some time, Plastics Technology’s Top Shops Benchmarking Survey is 100% free to participants, no asterisks or restrictions may apply.

Ripped from the Pages of Plastics Technology

Already gathering entries for its 5th year, Plastics Technology’s Top Shops continues to shine a spotlight on plastics’ premier processors.

Resolve to Improve Your Plant’s Operations in 2021

The New Year brings new resolutions for many, and it’s well known that resolutions tracked and measured with metrics are ones more likely to be kept.

Facing a Wave of Data? Grab a Paddle

Plastics Technology’s Top Shops injection molding benchmarking survey empowers its takers to the command the current of data buffeting their businesses.

Make Your Mark in Plastics Technology’s 'Top Shops' Survey

Benchmark your injection molding operation by being a part of our annual survey. Learn more about “best-in-class” practices that separate the tops shops from the rest.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Top Shop?

Check out the results of our exclusive benchmarking study to find out about those who do.

Time Is Running Out to See How Your Injection Molding Operations Stack Up

Your molding peers have answered the call, and they’ll be able to see how their operations compare to competitors in a customized report—will you?

Think Your Molding Operation Is Productive? Find Out How You Stack Up Against Others

Participate in Plastics Technology’s ”Top Shops” benchmarking survey and gain access to a free customized report measuring your key metrics against the cream of the crop.  
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Pinpoint Your Operation’s Strengths and Weaknesses

A new report helps injection molders find their facility’s relative strengths so they can keep them ‘humming’ and relative unmet opportunities so they can address them.

You Know Your Plant’s Productivity; How About Your Competitors?

You know if your numbers are up or down in relation to your plant, but how do they stack up against your competition?

World-Class Processors: Meet Plastics' Preeminent Processors

Plastics Technology’s second annual benchmarking survey is back with a new honor roll of companies from across the industry. One of the ties that binds these progressive processors is their reliance on data.

Time’s Running Out to Prove You're World Class

Plastics Technology’s World-Class Processor survey will be closing soon; take the opportunity today lay your claim to the World-Class title.

A Benchmark for Plastics Processors

benchmark noun: a standard by which something can be measured or judged.

Top of the Class: Meet 2015’s World-Class Processors

Plastics Technology’s inaugural group of World-Class Processors—selected through an exclusive benchmarking survey—spans geographies, markets, processes, and materials. Diverse in size and capabilities, these companies have one key trait in common: efficiency. How do you stack up in comparison?

Benchmarking Your Way to Better Operations

Does it seem like one type of mechanical failure causes most downtime in your shop; do more things seem to go wrong with certain shifts/operators/lines? Apply metrics and remove “seems” from your vocabulary.