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The Molding 2020 Conference: Go and Learn

Global thought leaders on injection molding will be gathering at Molding 2020 in Lombard,  Ill., on March 17-20. There’s still time to get in on the action.


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Last summer, a subscriber of this magazine received his magazine in the mail in a plastic bag that also contained the registration brochure for the Plastics Technology Extrusion 2019 Conference, which was held in September. This reader—a manufacturing manager for a mid-size Midwest company in the sheet extrusion business—walked the brochure into the office of his new young engineer. He tossed the brochure to his engineer and gave him eight words of advice: “Take a look at this. Go and learn.”

I know this because the young engineer did indeed attend our conference and told me the story during one of our receptions.

If you work for a company involved in injection molding, you received this issue in a plastic bag, and inside you would have found the registration brochure for the Plastics Technology Molding 2020 Conference. So, let me be the first to repeat the sage words above: “Take a look at this. Go and learn.”

I hope this doesn’t sound condescending. We work in an industry that, while mature, is still evolving. On the molding side of the business, the industry is beginning to embrace the tenets of “scientific molding,” though perhaps not quickly as it should. To evolve as a person and to grow as a professional—and to help your company evolve and grow along the way—the learning must never stop. In this way, conferences such as Molding 2020 are valuable not only to young engineers and operators shooting their first shots, but to seasoned professionals who’ve made millions of them.

To grow as a professional—and to help your company evolve and grow along the way—the learning must never stop.

I encourage you to look through this brochure. Peruse the agenda, the individual topics, organized by veteran Plastics Technology editors Matt Naitove and Tony Deligio. Take out a pen. As you finish reading the title of each topic, ask yourself a question: “Is there anything I can learn from this presentation that I can bring back to my factory and improve on what we are doing there?” Wait—better idea—ask yourself this question too: “Is there anything more I can learn from the presenter if I chat him or her up after the presentation, during lunch or a break?”

Then take your pen and put a check mark next to any presentation title to which you answered “yes” to any of these questions. My hunch is you’ll have a registration brochure full of check marks.

Molding 2020 is an educational conference where industry leaders discuss the latest developments in various molding processes, equipment, materials and management techniques, with special emphasis on adding value to your business. It will be held March 17-19, 2020 at The Westin Chicago in Lombard, Ill. Each day will begin with “Best Practices”—talks of practical value in defining best approaches to specifying or selecting equipment, organizing production, or addressing processing issues, as well as expert know-how on problem solving and troubleshooting. Afternoon sessions will consist of three concurrent breakout sessions focus on areas of technology such as LSR or robotics, and market areas such as medical or automotive.​ And throughout the event, there will be able time to network with speakers, exhibitors, and other attendees on a peer-to-peer basis.

The early-bird registration fee will save you a couple of hundred bucks per registration. But it ends Jan. 31. Go to the conference website and get things moving.

Molding 2020: Take a look at this. Go and learn.